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Homeschool Students

At MVNU, we LOVE homeschoolers!

And we want to make your transition to college as seamless as possible. We've developed a few tools to help you. Choose from these templates to create your own transcript for the college admissions process:

MVNU is the kind of environment in which homeschooled students thrive!
  • MVNU is a community in which faith and learning go hand-in-hand. Our focus on whole-person education sets us apart from other four-year liberal arts colleges. We believe students learn best when they are fully-engaged - heart, soul, and mind.

  • We think college is supposed to be about more than just getting a diploma or a job. At MVNU, we believe that being a well-rounded and highly educated individual is valuable in and of itself. (Of course, it doesn't hurt that 94% of our students are employed or in grad school within one year of graduation.)

  • At MVNU, we understand homeschooling and we support it. We've got small class sizes and caring faculty mentors. But more than that, we appreciate the homeschool journey because many of us have chosen it for our own families. You won't find a more "homeschool friendly" environment than MVNU.

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