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Mathematicians help scientists, business people, politicians, bankers, educators, and various other professionals understand the language of math that is fundamental to the world around them. Mathematics is considered one of the most rigorous and demanding intellectual pursuits, perfect for students who thrive under challenges and enjoy learning.


B.S. in:

  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Mathematics Education (Secondary/High School)
Featured Faculty
Dr. John Noonan

Dr. John Noonan, the Department Chair of Mathematics, has a B.A. in Mathematics from Houghton College and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Temple University. He has been teaching Mathematics at MVNU since 1997. Some of his many publications and presentations include: The Consequences of Believing in an Infinite God; The Integration Of An Understanding Of God With Mathematics; and The Goulden-Jackson cluster method: extensions, applications and implementations. Read More

Dr. Bradley Whitaker

Dr. Bradley Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Director of Academic Support, has a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from Southern Nazarene University, an M.A. in Mathematics Education from Columbia University, an M.E. in Mathematics Education from Columbia University, and a D.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Columbia University. Dr. Whitaker has been a teacher and professor of mathematics since 1993 in high schools and universities across the country. Read More

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The MVNU Experience

Mathematics majors at MVNU take courses in algebra, calculus, statistics, computer science, and discrete mathematics and then choose electives from among a number of advanced courses and topics. Class sizes are small, allowing the highly-qualified faculty to engage one-on-one with the students and make class time both creative and instructive.

"It was challenging, meaningful, and everything was very fun."
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Math Education
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